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Ziro Federink is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.
Ziro Federink
Ziro's normal look.
Vital statistics
Title Commander Ziro
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Status Leading Genesis Squad
Location The Colony

Ziro Federink is the main protagonist in Mech Mice Genesis Strike. He is mentioned as a rugged, young and brave mouse with broad shoulders, reddish fur, and nerves of steel. Ziro carries himself with a confidence that others admire and follow. In the book, he's commander of the Genesis Squad, a squad that's failing in the academy. Ziro is a very brave and ambitious mouse, as seen in the book. He cares for his squad and treats them like family. He is known to be sensible in difficult situations. Much of Ziro's history outside of the Mech Mice Academy is unknown. It is known though that his parents divorced at one time.

Ziro's step brother is the commander of the Alpha Squad, Nitro. Ziro and Nitro are both rivals who meet up many different times in the book.



  • He may have a small crush on Magenta.
  • He is a member and commander of the Genesis Squad.
  • His step-brother is Nitro.
  • It is currently unknown if he will appear in the game.

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