Even in the harshest environments, the mice have adapted to live and thrive. No place is this more true than Whitecliff.

Unlocked-08-Whitecliff Burrow

Carved into the frozen cliffs of its namesake, the great Whitecliff Burrow is unlike any other. Here, beneath a season of forever-winter, the mice have grown strong, and are renowned throughout Roden for their tenacity, skill and cold efficiency. Living here means surviving a cold, desolate landscape everyday. It means camouflaged predators hunt you every moment, their footfalls muted by the snow. It means a single mistake can cost you your life. The mice of Whitecliff are known for being tough, and are often considered a good luck charm for squads lucky enough to have one as a recruit.

I do not fear you, doctor. I do not fear your darkness. For the ice of Whitecliff has crept into my veins. And compared to the wail of winter, your threats are like music to me.
— Commander Frostjaw to Dr. Verminion
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