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Voting for the Shield Grunt Unit's blaster firing animation.

Weapons are objects designed to inflicting bodily harm or physical damage and are used by armies such as the Dark Union and the Mech Mice Colony's military. 

Power Source[]

Most weapons in the Mech Mice are powered from Berries. Berries produce energy for the weapon. In some cases, the Dark Union's weapons are powered by the arachnid or Bug itself.


  • Both the Dark Union and the Mech Mice army use for various uses.
  • Most units have specialized purposes for weapons.
  • They are lethal, as they are used to harm others.
  • Grenades are used as weapons by Grenadier Units.
  • All Dark Union Bugs have weapons implanted on them, unlike the Mech Mice.
  • The Wrench is the only weapon used both as a weapon and a fixing tool.


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