The Swarm
Title 1-6.png
Basic Info
Level 6
Chapter 1
Release July 16, 2013
Location Rockvein Canyon
  • Destroy all enemy spawners
  • Confront Termina
  • Survive

The Swarm is the sixth level of Chapter One of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. In this level Blaze and Flank battle a massive group of bugs sent by Queen Termina in an attempt to defeat them.

Mission[edit | edit source]

In the heart of the enemy encampment, Queen Termina is using the stolen Shard to create even more powerful bugs, in greater numbers. 

Your squad must overcome these new Shard-spawned forces and confront Queen Termina.

Treasure Tokens[edit | edit source]

  • Behind Queen Termina's stand, there is a token. Shifting the camera will allow the token to be more visible.
  • After defeating all the Bugs and Metal Hatches, a token will appear in the middle of the map.
  • At the very east, shoot the crate and a token will appear.
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