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The Swarm
Title 1-6.png
Basic Info
Level 6
Chapter 1
Release July 16, 2013
Location Rockvein Canyon
  • Destroy all enemy spawners
  • Confront Termina
  • Survive

The Swarm is the sixth level of Chapter One of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. In this level Blaze and Flank battle a massive group of bugs sent by Queen Termina in an attempt to defeat them.


In the heart of the enemy encampment, Queen Termina is using the stolen Shard to create even more powerful bugs, in greater numbers. 

Your squad must overcome these new Shard-spawned forces and confront Queen Termina.

Treasure Tokens[]

  • Behind Queen Termina's stand, there is a token. Shifting the camera will allow the token to be more visible.
  • After defeating all the Bugs and Metal Hatches, a token will appear in the middle of the map.
  • At the very east, shoot the crate and a token will appear.