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The Miller Brothers

Christopher (left), and Allan.
Basic Info
Full Name Christopher and Allan Miller.
Gender Males
Faction Art Institute of Seattle
Physical Info
Hair Color Brown/black
Eye Color Possibly brown
Skin Color White
Other Info
Religion Christian
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Authors
Nationality American

The Miller Brothers are two world-famous authors. They are writers of Mech Mice Genesis Strike, the Codebearers Series, and the Heroes of Promise books. They're books have been translated into multiple languages, and they both have a degree in Computer Animation and Multimedia Design.

History Edit

The Miller Brothers grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska, where their imagination originally took flight. Their parents most likely owned a book store, because "The newfound parents operated a store selling magic portals and, in time, taught the boys the secret of traveling between worlds." The Miller Brothers went to the Art Institute of Seattle, and earned degrees in Computer Animation and Multimedia Design. They started writing the Codebearers Series, which made them very popular. Eventually, Christopher met Lance Priebe at a conference. From there, their relation grew. Lance begun pressuring the two to expand their writing; this would ultimately lead to the creation of Mech Mice. Eventually Lance asked the Miller Brothers to help them create Mech Mice. The Miller Brothers soon finished the first book, Mech Mice Genesis Strike, and also helped the RocketSnail Team develop Mech Mice a bit. They went back to work on the Codebearers Series after publishing Mech Mice Genesis Strike, but will return to write any sequels.

Personality Edit

The Miller Brothers appear to be very helpful towards authors, and other media writers/creators. They kind of act silly at times, and like to interact with children.

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown when the Miller Brothers plan on writing the next Mech Mice book.
  • They wrote Mech Mice Genesis Strike.

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