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The Early Bird
Title 2-8.png
Basic Info
Level 8
Chapter 2
Release October 8, 2013
Location Dark Union Base
  • Escape

The Early Bird is the eighth and final level of Chapter Two of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. Here you fight a S.A.W commissioned by Algernon.


Your squad has located a way out of the enemy base. Escape quickly.

Treasure Tokens[]

  • Instead of following Dusty down the path, track back and shoot the cage. Follow the path and a token will appear.
  • Still not following Dusty, go to the far right side instead of the left (where Dusty is waiting) and shoot the token (it is recommended to get out of Betsay).
  • After defeating the S.A.W, exit down the unblocked path. Instead of going down to the Swirly Portal, shoot the rock and continue down the path, there will be a token there.