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The Chase
Title 1-7.png
Basic Info
Level 7
Chapter 1
Release October 8, 2013
Location Rockvein Canyon

The Chase is the seventh level of Chapter One of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. In this level, Blaze and Flank chase down Queen Termina after she flees.


Termina has taken the Shard, and escaped deeper into Rockvein Canyon. The land is becoming unstable without the Shard in its rightful place, and unusual weather is reported. 

Your squad must pursue Termina and prevent her escape.

Treasure Tokens[]

  • Shoot the four Purple Cactus and a token will appear.
  • Beside the sandstorm, shoot the crate and a token will pop out.
  • At the Place Of Lots Of Rolling Boulders Part 2, go down the hill and you should find a token.

The Chase being developed.