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The Beginning
Title 1-1.png
Basic Info
Level 1
Chapter 1
Release July 9, 2013
Location Tumbleweed
  • Repair the 3 radar towers
  • Meet up with Flank the Heavy unit
  • Report anything unusual

The Beginning is the first level in Chapter One of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. In this level, Blaze and Flank are sent out to reactivate 3 Radar Towers.


Several radar towers have stopped working in the remote region of Burntleaf. A small squad is needed to traverse the desert terrain and repair the towers. 

There are currently no predators of enemies reported in the region. A local mouse assigned to the region has been arranged to guide your team.

Treasure Tokens[]

Treasure Tokens can be found at the following places:

  • In the level start area, a Treasure Token is hidden behind the big cactus on the right. The cactus must be destroyed to reach the Treasure Token.
  • On the left of the first radar tower there is a hidden path behind a cactus. Destroy all the cacti in the path- the Treasure Token is in the end of the pathway.
  • Just after the third tower, instead of going right until the end of the mission, go to a hidden path that is accessible from the upper side of at the middle of the ordinary trail. The Token is located at the end of the path.


  • While playing in Adventure Mode, the player may experience a glitch where after clicking on Flank the option to move freezes. Therefore, the player is stuck and must exit out of the mission.
  • While playing in Adventure Mode, you can have three units along with an extra Flank, a total of four units.

The Beginning while being developed.


  • This mission was playable during the Beta Test.
  • Gears and Treasure Tokens are firstly introduced here.
  • The dialogue, along with many other missions of Chapter One, has drastically changed after the Beta event.
  • At the end of the level, Queen Termina is seen in the background.