The Animated Series is a CGI comedy adventure series based on the Mech Mice franchise, currently in development. It was tipped off by a Hyper Hippo Productions employee on the wiki.

It will feature a misfit Mech Mice Squad called the Roughtails, starring Scratch Whitepaw, a rookie Grunt.


Oktobor Animation is in charge of animation duties. A pilot episode was written and had been pitched to networks over the month of June 2014. The first animation test video was unveiled in November 4, 2014, and is available here:

Mech Mice, The Animated Series

Mech Mice, The Animated Series

Animation test featuring Scratch Whitepaw.


  • A pilot of the series was pitched to Cartoon Network in May 2013 [1].
  • It is anticipated to premiere sometime in 2017.[2].



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