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Streak is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Unknown
Health Young Adult
Status Unknown
Location Unknown

Streak is a Grunt Unit and a member of the Genesis Squad in Mech Mice Genesis Strike. He is by far the fastest out of the Genesis Squad who is always in a hurry to get things done and can be impatient.

Streak seems to be good friends with Demo, and occasionally bursts into laughing alongside him when they find something funny, such as when Nightshade got threatened by Magenta, showing he is also a funny and outgoing mouse.

When first interacting with Magenta in Chapter 6, he was very flirty towards her, calling her "Maggy" and saying he was his new girlfriend. Streak then says he was just trying to be friendly, and Ziro labelled him as an overconfident mouse.



Streak seems to be particularly good friends with Demo, such as when Demo was excited for finally getting the chance of riding a real Mech and squeezed him so hard Streak couldn't breath, and after calling him "little buddy".

When entering the Pit in search of a new lieutenant, Ziro paired off the squad, making Streak go with Demo. Later, both started to laugh with the fact Nightshade got "schooled by that doe"


Streak pretended to have a crush in Magenta, as seen when they first interact in Platform 99, he calls her "Maggy" and claims himself as her "new boyfriend". Magenta does not appreciate it and threatens him with her knife. With Streak still being flirty, she threatens him again, causing him to reveal he was only joking and trying to be friendly, something Magenta didn't approve of.


  • He is a part of Genesis Squad.
  • It is unknown if Streak will appear in the game.

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