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Got questions to be answered? Need something done? Have vandalism to report? Here is the place to do all that, and more! These guys are the monitors of this wiki, without them it would fall into disrepair. But don't be intimidated, they're still fellow Mech Mice, just like you!

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Favored Nicknames: Feey, TheRealFeey1
Tags: Bureaucrat, Office/Enforcer, Encoder
Roles: Head Admin, Mech Mice Wiki Network CEO, Main Author of Mech Mice Mini Stories
Squad Name: Coaxes Squad (Hoping it to be)
When I am most active: Almost everyday, expect a several hour delay for replies to messages in middle of weekdays




Favored Nicknames: Echani, Sith (MM username)
Tags: Chat Moderator, Rollback, Admin, Geek.
Roles: Admin, Enforcer, Mech Mice Journalist/Historic Keeper
Squad Name: Lord Armada Triumvirate
When I am most active: I am most active on the weekends, when I have loads of spare time.


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Favored Nicknames: Zack, TreeTurtle, TT
Tags: Admin, Co-Founder of the Mech Mice Wiki
Roles: Admin, Director
Squad Name: Starman Squad
When I am most active: I am mostly active during 4 to 6 PM PST daily. If you ever need help, talk to me!


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Favored Nicknames: Doku, Dok, Dragon
Tags: Bureaucrat
Roles: Director, Officer/Enforcer, Encoder, Strategist and Graphic Designer


Squad Name: Dragonclaw Squad
When I am most active: Daily


  • 5,000 edits!
  • 3,780 points on the Leaderboard!

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Favored Nicknames: Graham and Big Daddy
Tags: X, XN, Xon
Roles: Administrator, Chat Moderator


Squad Name: Revelation
When I am most active: During the weekend, Summertime and Wintertime.

News: I'm back guys!

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-Iroh322- Founder of the Mech Mice Wiki

Tag Roles

Tag Information Holders
Founder This tag is given to the editor who created the wiki. 1 Holder-Iroh322
Co-Founder This tag is given to the second editor who joined the wiki. 1 Holder-Zack4812
Bureaucrat These editors are the voice of the wiki, and have higher power than a normal admin. 3 Holders-Feey1, Dokugan and Zack4812
Admin Admins moderate the wiki and control every editors edit. 2 Holders-Echaniwarrior and Xonius
Chat Moderator They moderate the chat and keeps it safe. 2 Holders-Rufina and SenaUW
Rollback They can undo an editor's edit with just 1 click! They are just moderating the pages! 1 Holder-SenaUW
Inactive These editors are inactive and will be back soon! 1 Holder-Iroh322

Role Tags

Tag Information Holders
Director The top guns of the wiki! These guys make the wiki a better place everyday, with the amount of work they do. These guys have a lot of responsibility and duties they have to accomplish, so let us give these guys a smooth time moderating the wiki. 3 Holders-Feey1, Dokugan and Zack4812
Officer/Enforcer These guys take care of the wiki and make sure the wiki is safe from inappropriate stuff & removed content. 3 Holders-DokuganXonius and Echaniwarrior
Encoder These guys weave the code that help the wiki function. 2 Holders- Feey1 and Dokugan
Graphic Designer These guys create amazing graphics for the Wiki! 1 Holder- Dokugan
Journalist These editors write amazing blog posts in the wiki, may it be their way of sharing tips, updates or information about Mech Mice! 1 Holder- Echaniwarrior
Inactive These editors are inactive and will be back soon! 1 Holder-Iroh322