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Hyper Hippo Productions has not given Sniper Bug an official name. The name given to Sniper Bug will be changed as soon as a name has been given.

Sniper Bug

The Sniper Bug in-game.
Damage Low
Faction Dark Union
Health Low

The Sniper Bug is one of the many Dark Union reinforcements present in Mech Mice Tactics. It's more resistant to attacks than a Small Bug, and has a larger laser on its back, which allows a broader shooting range.


  • Its appearance is similar to the Small Bug, with the only difference being a larger laser.
  • Sniper Bugs first appear in Scouring The Desert, and appear through most of Chapter One and Two.
  • Despite the name "Sniper Bug" never being mentioned in-game, object files within the game assets refer to it as DU_BugSmASniper.
  • A common tactic used to destroy Sniper Bugs is to use the first turn to get closer to the Bug, and the second turn to destroy it.