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Sigma the Founder Recon
Gender Male
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Race Mice
Availability Yes

Sigma is the Founder Recon stealth extraordinaire. On October 8, 2013, People who bought the Founders Package during the Beta Test received Sigma on their account. He was the third Founder milestone during the Beta Test.


Sigma's nickname is 'Never' - because he never speaks, never sleeps, and never blinks. A total mystery to everyone outside of the Founders, Sigma's dark silence makes him an ideal Recon - he can slip past any sentry, steal any secret, and escape without any trace. A legend among mice.


  • He was the third Founder milestone during Beta Testing.
  • In some levels in Chapter Two, there is a glitch where Sigma appears as Dusty, most possibility due to their similar appearances.
  • Similar to all the other Founder Units, Sigma is now available for all to use after a major update to Mech Mice Tactics.
  • He is the main protagonist in The Fall of Beta Squad.