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Siege at Tumbleweed
Title 1-3.png
Basic Info
Level 3
Chapter 1
Release July 9, 2013
Location Tumbleweed
  • Find the shard
  • Secure the village
  • Destroy any enemy hostiles

Siege at Tumbleweed is the third level of Chapter One of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics.

In the mission, Flank and Blaze go to Tumbleweed in order to secure the Burntleaf Shard, but find out that Bugs have destroyed the village. Their mission is to destroy nearby bugs and Spawn Hatches


Tumbleweed is a small village in the heart of Burntleaf, where one of the life-giving Shards is located. Larger groups of enemy bugs have been sighted in the region, and the fate of the village is unknown. 

Your squad must travel to Tumbleweed, and protect the village at all costs.

Treasure Tokens[]

Treasure Tokens can be found at the following places:

  • In front of the village's entrance gate.
  • Inside a hollowed house in the central-left part of the village.
  • After destroying all crates in the level (excluding the Healing Flower), a third token would appear behind a barrel on the right side of the village.