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A Shard
Health Long life and Intelligence
Space 1 Hexagon

Shard is a supernatural object found by the Mech Mice Colony. It granted extreme knowledge and a vaster life span. Both the Dark Union and the Mech Mice Colony war over its presence.


Shards were found in multiple locations giving great supernatural power to the mice who protected them. Those who protected them were known as the Mech Mice. Those who abused its power were known as the Dark Union. One of the first instances of abuse by the Dark Union was from one of its members, Termina who stole a Shard and used it to improve her Bug army.


Shards granted extended life as well as vast knowledge. Their presence has the mental capability to topple governments as well as build them up. In many cases, the Shards grant extended life, being that some concepts show mass oasis' surrounded by a desert-type biome. Mice inhabit places around Shards.



  • It was a shard of light found deep in the ground along with energy.
  • In Mech Mice Genesis Strike, the Shard was found in Megiddo.
  • They are also known as "artifacts" instead of Shards in the book.
  • The only known level to see a Shard in-game is Siege at Tumbleweed.

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