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The Select Screen is a feature that allows Chapters, Missions and in the future, Seasons to be selected directly. It was an update during the Beta Test on July 16, 2013 - a week after the Beta Test launch. A new mission can be selected once the previous mission is completed in both Story Mode and Adventure Mode. Before this feature, in order to play a certain mission, it was required to start from the first mission and complete all the missions in order until reaching the desired level.


Date Update
July 16, 2013 Initial release
October 8, 2013 Final version release


LevelSelect YouDecide.gif
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During the Beta Test on the Mech Mice Blog, players were given the opportunity to vote for one out of two concept versions of the level select screen. The current screen - with blue flags - was picked over a simpler version, with only three small badges representing earned Treasure Tokens.


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