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Mech Mice Grunt(4).jpg
Concept art of Scratch.
Vital statistics
Title Grunt Unit
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Health N/A
Status N/A
Location N/A

Scratch is a male Grunt Unit who will be featured in The Animated Series, and will not be fully released until 2017.

"Like I said...easy-cheesy!"


The only information of Scratch's history comes from a handful of concept art, and 3D models. Scratch appears to have been raised on a snowy mountain range with his mother, father, and three younglings, and at one point joined the Mech Mice and now lives in a poor village. This is very similar to other Mech Mice illustrations, showing poor families with children that fight in the military.

Little is known about Scratch, however, there is an animation test featuring him and his possible voice actor.


Mech Mice, The Animated Series


Scratch seems to be shy and nervous, possibly because he is an inexperienced rookie or because he left his family. This assumption is purely based off concept art and may not be necessarily true.



  • As a child, Scratch seems to be a farmer.
  • He is sometimes mistaken as Beta or Blaze.
  • He will not appear in the games, but is the main character in The Animated Series.
  • He is revealed as a 3D model and described as: "The Mech Mice team at Oktobor Animation has just provided the first 3D model of Scratch as a pup. Scratch will one day grow up to to join the Mech Mice squad as a young rookie Grunt."
  • The concept art of Scratch has gray fur, however, the official animation tests show him with orange fur.

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