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S.A.W In-Game.png

The S.A.W. in-game.
Damage Medium
Faction Dark Union
Health High

A S.A.W. is a powerful Boss in The Early Bird in Chapter Two of Season One in Mech Mice Tactics. It is recommended to use Mechs when confronting them. They appear from a hole in the ground and take up 7 Hexagons. Once defeated, they fall back into their hole. It is unknown what the acronym S.A.W. stands for.


  • They have exceptionally high health and are very lethal, being a boss.
  • On their body, they can spawn Bugs while retreating back into their hole.
  • They can move around through underground tunnels and come up at another hole.
  • They can shoot metal webs which traps a single unit. If a Mech is trapped, the unit inside must get out, release the web, and get back inside or allow another unit to uptrap the Mech. 
  • They have three eyes on each side, which makes a total of six eyes.
  • Every time you attack a S.A.W, it will breathe heavily on you, though no damage is dealt.
  • It is filed under the dev name "Worm", which may hint as the word for the 'W' in the acronym.
  • It may possibly stand for "Serrated Attack Worm".