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Rudd is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.
Rudd introducing the Genesis Squad to the WURM.
Vital statistics
Title Maintenance engineer/chief cook/bottle washer
Gender Male
Race Mole
Faction Unknown
Health Unknown
Status Unknown
Location WURM station

Rudd is a mole with a heavy southern accent who keeps the WURM. His WURM is very cluttered, consisting of dusty crates and an odd assortment of of abandoned supplies. He is also a maintenance engineer, chief cook, and a 'bottle washer.' Rudd explains to the Genesis Squad that WURMS these days are used for leaving unwanted items.

Rudd appears in Mech Mice Genesis Strike.


  • Unlike most characters in the book, Rudd is a mole, not a mouse or a rat.
  • It is unknown if he will appear in the game.