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Hyper Hippo Productions has halted progress on Roden Scavenger Hunt and is currently further developing other games.

The Roden Scavenger Hunt is an unfinished scavenger hunt hosted on the Mech Mice website. There is currently 10 out of 12 pieces unlocked. 2 pieces are locked as of March 2014. It is unknown if Hyper Hippo Productions will release the last 2 pieces.


Piece # Blog Code Unlocked
1 Club Penguin Memories TRAINMAN1405 Yes
2 Nerdreactor NERDREACTOR Yes
3 Monchocho MONCHOCHO Yes
4 The Gamer With Kids THEGAMERWITHKIDS Yes
5 Geek Mummy GEEKMUMMY Yes
6 Dad Camp DADCAMP Yes
7 Club Penguin Space CLUBPENGUINSPACE Yes
8 Indie Game Mag INDIEGAMEMAG Yes
9 Energezer ENERGEZER Yes
10 Gamer Hub GAMERHUB Yes
11 TBA TBA 0/50
12 TBA TBA 0/50

To submit codes, go to the Roden Map and enter the code with a creative Squad name.

Outdated Map[]


This is a picture of the first, unfinished map version of Roden. This map will not provide any answers as you will need the codes above to unlock them.