Hyper Hippo Productions has not given Redwall an official name. The name given to Redwall will be changed as soon as a name has been given.


The placeholder logo for the game.
Released Not released
Created By Lance Priebe and the creators of Redwall
Website? N/A

Redwall is an upcoming adventure game, related to Mech Mice. Lance Priebe tweeted on July 9th, 2012, that RocketSnail Games had teamed up with the creators of Redwall to develop the game. He then mentioned that Redwall will be the medieval version of Mech Mice Tactics. The game will be available on multiple devices, similar to how Mech Mice Tactics is.


Redwall will be an adventure game, coming at an unknown date. It is unknown if there will be multiplayer. Many facts and aspects about the game have yet to be revealed.


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