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Concept art of Dusty, a Recon Unit.

The Recon Unit is a stealth unit in Mech Mice Tactics. They are very accurate and sneaky, using stealth as its specialty. The Recon Unit uses Sniper Rifles as its primary weapons and has a power shot ability- crazy powerful slugs which can take down a medium-sized bug in one hit. The two known Recon Units are Dusty and Sigma.


  • Combat: Low attack, but allows many shots to be taken without sustaining damage.
    The Recon class icon.
  • Base health: Low, the Recon relies on its stealth to avoid being hit.
  • Movement Range: 3 (+4 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: Low damaging Sniper Rifle
  • Special ability: Stealth and power blasts- stealth allows you to sneak by any bug unseen, unless you shoot them or encounter a Spy Bug. Power blasts allow you to blow up a medium sized bug in one hit.
  • Cons: Requires many turns to defeat a group of bugs or high health bugs. Very fragile, and needs various strategic movements and placements to defeat or move past bugs though with correct strategies, can solo through various missions with ease.


  • Concept art shows that the Recon Unit to be very acrobatic and flexible.
  • The Recon Unit can also stay invisible and walk through other objects, but will stop being invisible once they shoot. Although Dusty claims to be able to walk through objects, this is yet to be seen.
  • Previews of this unit were first shown on November 4th, 2012.
  • Their attack is weaker than a Grunt Unit.
  • Their power shots are the equivalent of a Mech's anti-bug suppressors.
  • Sometimes, to shoot a Treasure Token, it is best to use a Recon Unit's Sniper Rifle to reach it other than lower ranged units such as Mechs.
  • In the programming files for Mech Mice Academy, there are several files indicating that the Mech Mice team had been testing how Recons would be a possible future class.
  • Their damage was initially meant to be large, but was changed after some thought.


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