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Radar Tower

A Radar Tower
Health N/A
Space 1 Hexagon

Radar Towers are transmittal objects in Mech Mice Tactics. They only appear in The Beginning. Flank and Blaze were set to a mission to re-activate them and find out why they were deactivated in this mission. Blaze makes a comment about the first radar tower in The Beginning to have been bitten or chewed, which was later revealed to have been a Bug.


  • If the player decides to go past a Radar Tower without activating it, Blaze will say that is his duty to activate it. The player will not be able to move forward until he activates it.
  • They mysteriously malfunctioned due to the Dark Union for an unknown purpose.
  • Once activated, the gears will start to turn and the propeller would move, indicating that the specific Radar Tower has been turned on.