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Petra the Medic Unit
Gender Female
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Race Mice
Availability Yes

Petra is a Store Medic in Mech Mice Tactics. Petra is one of the bravest medics to ever serve in the Mech Mice. She’s sharp, quick, and handy with a bandage. She needs good backup though – she can be a bit flighty sometimes, and may not notice a giant bug about to squish her.


  • Combat: A pure utility unit – combat abilities are severely limited
  • Base health: Low; strategic placement is critical to make sure she can heal other units without getting hit
  • Movement Range: 3 (+4 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: low damage / low range pistol
  • Special ability: Full heal/revive – this ability either heals a conscious unit to full health, or revives a knocked-out unit to half their life.
  • Cons: the Medic is much too fragile in combat to solo through almost all missions, but they serve an incredibly valuable role during intense combat situations (essentially a mobile healing flower).



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