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Nightshade is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.
Nightsahde with his helmet on.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Unknown
Health Good
Status In Genesis Squad
Location Mech Mice Colony

Nightshade is a quiet, calm black furred mouse and a member of the Genesis Squad. There is absolutely no information of his past. Nightshade is a quiet, intelligent character. He is the recon unit for the squad, and helps them in tight situations. He's a very good scientist and navigator, as seen in Mech Mice Genesis Strike. Nightshade is also mentioned as a master of stealth and a student of war. He does not appreciate humor because he prefers logic to laughter. He rarely speaks unless there is something important to say. Nightshade's history is completely unknown. He may have been a scientist, due to his vast scientific knowledge and joined the Mech Mice at some point in time though there is no proof that supports this claim.



  • He is an experienced tracker.
  • He is a member of Genesis Squad.
  • It is curently unknown if he will appear in the game.

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