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Missions are the individual playable levels within Mech Mice Tactics.

Currently, Chapter One and Two of Season One are playable, with a sneak peak level for Chapter Three; The Fall of Beta Squad. Levels can be played in both Story and Adventure Mode. In Story, the Units are selected for you, however, in Adventure mode you can choose from any units you have to play as with a limit of three Units (exceptions sometimes apply) along with the option of movie mode, which allows free camera reign. Currently, multiplayer is only available in Mech Mice Academy, though Hyper Hippo Productions have considered multiplayer in Mech Mice Tactics as well.

The briefing screen to The Beginning.


All levels are earned. After each successful completion of a level, players have the option to replay the level in Adventure Mode, by either increasing or decreasing the level of difficulty depending on the type of Units that are chosen or progressing to the next level.

Select Screen[]

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End Screen[]

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  • In most missions you must activate a certain item (e.g a lever or gate switch).
  • Upon release of the first update during Beta Testing, there were only 6 playable missions. 5 were public access while one was Founder's access only.
  • Chapter Three of Season One was originally supposed to be released in December 2013, however Hyper Hippo Productions has delayed upcoming levels so it is unknown if Chapter Three will ever be released.
  • Before Mech Mice changed to Mech Mice Tactics, players had to purchase Chapter Two of Season One in the Mech Mice Shop.