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A Grunt Unit.
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Mouse
Faction Mech Mice Colony

Mice are small mammals that inhabit the Mech Mice Colony, the Liwan tribe, and even the Dark Union. They are presumed to be one of the first creatures to discover the Shards, and now have higher intelligence levels, along with longer lifespans.


The Mech Mice were named when their colony discovered their first Shard. The Mech Mice originated from a nation called Megiddo, which may or may not still be around. Eventually, they were named the Mech Mice. Overtime their colony grew, and they protected all innocent animals. At some point in history the Mech Mice became enemies with the Dark Union, and have fought against them for a long time.


It is unknown what the mice eat. It is known that the military serves the soldiers "Grub Yums", cans of disgusting grubs/worms that can also be seen in Box 'O Snails. In The Fall of Beta SquadLefty referred to a 'sweet salamander salad' which may be a dish eaten my mice.

In Mech Mice Genesis Strike, it is noted that the mice eat berries, seeds, grubs, bugs, and have a wide variety of food supplies.

Mech Mice Units[]

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Sketches of a mouse riding a guinea pig.

  • On some concept art, Mice may possibly travel on guinea pigs; in a way like humans traveling on a horse.
  • A similar species are Rats which appear in Mech Mice Genesis Strike and Mech Mice Tactics.


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