Hyper Hippo Productions has not given Medium Bug an official name. The name given to Medium Bug will be changed as soon as a name has been given.

Medium Bug
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The Medium Bug.
Damage Low
Faction Dark Union
Health Low

The Medium Bug is one of very many units used by the Dark Union. It is a mutant and appears to be an insect. The Medium Bug has numerous tubes puncturing the body in some areas, and appears to have a shade of light blue and purple. This bug, similar to the Small Bug, is a force of the Dark Union.

Queen Termina used the Burntleaf Shard to enhance a Medium Bug which resulted in an enhanced super-bug named Frenzy.


  • This bug is light blue.
  • They are an insect.
  • They only appear in Mech Mice Tactics.
  • Although being in Mech Mice Tactics, they have yet to be given a canon name.
  • They have a very long shooting range, longer than a Sniper Bug.


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