FANDOM is the official website for Mech Mice, first launched in March, 2011. The original website was created by Lance Priebe (aka Rsnail), but was replaced by a Tumblr page in December, 2014. It features news about the Animated Series, as well as links to Mech Mice Tactics (now hosted on, the Mech Mice Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

You can view it at A copy of the old website is available here.

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  • Mech Mice Tactics and Mech Mice Academy used to be playable on the website. Academy was removed due to its change into Wild Warfare, and Tactics was moved to Hyper Hippo's website after got replaced by the Tumblr page.
  • Mech Mice Genesis Strike was the only buyable content on the website before it got updated.

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