Mechs are the most prized technological marvels of Roden. The Units come in all sorts of shapes and configurations. Hand-crafted by artisan-engineers, each Mech is custom made for its driver. When you hear the WIZZ-KACHUNK KACHUNKKAACHUNK! crashing through the underbrush, it can only mean one thing: it is on! The two known Mechs are Betsay and Omega, along with the team oriented Mechs for Red team and Blue team in Mech Mice Academy.

Mech suit inside

Concepts of mechs from the outside and the inside.


  • Combat: Amazing! No unit is this effective as a Mech.
  • Base health: Extremely high, but fragile because only an Engineer can repair a Mech (Healing Flowers have no effect on a machine)
  • Movement Range: 2 (+2 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: Rapid fire, anti-bug suppressors
  • Special ability: Extremely high damaging plasma cannons
  • Cons: Requires an Engineer to repair it when it gets damaged. Low movement range.


Its asset files are categorized under the hierarchy of FWVehicle_Mech. Of all the files used in Academy, the Mech has the most resources.


  • The Mech stands for Mechanical Exomouse Hostile Suppression Assasult Power, other known as Mech for short. 
  • The Mech was first introduced in Algernon's Laboratory.
  • Their Plasma Rockets can destroy a Scorpion in a single hit.
  • There is a glitch where one exits the Mech and automatically brings up the defeat screen while in Adventure Mode.
  • According to Algernon, replacing the mouse designs with insect designs should increase Mechs efficiency by 19%.


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