The Mech Mice Wiki Network, or MMWN for short, is a network of wikis focused on Mech Mice. The network works together to make the best wikis about Mech Mice out there, and to get new users together. The network is made up so multiple users can help out other wikis, but still feel like their in the same "family".

The MMWN currently only has 2 wikis. You can make one if you'd like, but you have to ask the admins (or active users) if your wiki could be in the network.

The Mech Mice Wiki is a wiki all about canon Mech Mice. Here users add correct, and true data about the game, toys, and everything related to Mech Mice. Articles about RocketSnail games are allowed too, but the main focus is Mech Mice. This is also the first wiki in the MMWN.
The Mech Mice Fanon Wiki is a wiki all about fanon Mech Mice! User can create their own characters, squads, weapons, even companies. The only limitation to this wiki's articles are the creators' imagination, and the rules there. It's a great place to join if you like making your own stuff up.
Want to join?
If you want to join the Mech Mice Wiki Network, first you'll have to come up with a wiki idea. It must be appropriate for kids 10 and under, and it must be related to Mech Mice. You also cannot copy other wikis in the network (like making another MM Fanon Wiki). But wikis that are not copies are allowed.

Next you must advertise your wiki, and add the {{MMWikis}} template to the bottom of your wiki's homepage. Do not add a link to your website from the other wikis in the network until your wiki's officially in the network! Great ways to advertise your wiki is to link to it from social websites (like Twitter or Facebook). Also mention it on websites about the topic!

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