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About Mech Mice
Mech Mice Tactics is a strategy game for players young and old. A combination of board game think and move with a thrilling action packed story, each chapter introduces new characters, challenges, epic battles and also includes:
  -Up to 6-8 hours of gameplay in each chapter in Story Mode
  -Unique units with distinctive special abilities 
  -Endless mix-and-match play in Adventure Mode

Mech Mice Tactics is created by Hyper Hippo Productions, and is committed to creating safe, friendly and entertaining environments for kids. Check out their website to learn more.

Mech Mice Academy is a First Person Shooter with class-based and vehicle-based combat. With a variety of unique game modes, there is a class and map for any player type. However, this game was replaced with WildWarfare in 2014.

In the Mech Mice world, all new recruits to the army must first undergo rigorous simulated combat training. Cadets enter the Mech Mice Academy and compete in various training exercises (Game Modes) that include unique terrain and scenarios. The goal is to ensure they are battle ready for any type of scenario or hostile enemy.

Mech Mice Genesis Strike is also a book series based on the game written by the Miller Brothers who also have written the award-winning Hunter Brown novels.

A TV show based on the Mech Mice franchise is believed to come out in a couple of years or months. The show will be animated by Oktober Animation, but it is currently unknown on which channel the show will be broadcasted on. The show will be based on a large squad; all members of it are different units.

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Unreleased Units
Unreleased Units are unseen units that were found within .asset files of Mech Mice Tactics. They are expected to be released within later chapters or seasons of the game. Currently, only unreleased Dark Union enemies could be found within the files.
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Mech Mice News
The beginnings of a Mech Mice TV show are happening. Follow the Oktober Animation team and the Mech Mice team on Twitter for the latest news!
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