Mech Mice Tactics (App)
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Released November 13, 2013
Last Updated March 08, 2014
Version 1.2
Size 140 MB
Language English
Producer Hyper Hippo Productions
Rating 9+
  • Fantasy Violence
Compatibility Compatible with iPad (iOS 4.3+)

Mech Mice Tactics (App) is an iDevice application version of Mech Mice Tactics. The application is exactly the same as the original game. It was released on November 13, 2013 and was last updated March 8, 2013.


Version HistoryEdit

Version Publishing date Changes Game size
1.0 November 13, 2013 Initial game release  ?
1.1 December 6, 2013 New level, new characters and more fun than ever:

• Chapter 3 intro level

• Play as Beta Squad and rescue villagers

• Entire game plays faster

• In-game season trailer

• UI and flow improvements

• Updates to levels The Beginning, Desert Ambush and Siege at Tumbleweed to improve pacing

140 MB
1.2 March 8, 2014 All Units and Chapters Now Available For Free! 131 MB

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