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The Mech Mice Comic is an abandoned trilogy of short comics created by Dapper Dan. The comics were used as an art test, so the storyline wasn't well produced. The Mech Mice Comic was first revealed on October 31st, 2011. The comic was cancelled shortly after it got bad reviews by fans, who would rather watch an Animated Series based on Mech Mice Tactics.


First Page[]

An escape pod crashes into a desert, injuring a mouse inside it. The mouse's friend carries him/her out, and carries him/her away from the pod and into the desert.

Second Page[]

Carrying his/her injured friend, a mouse is attacked by a Bug. The mouse dodges an attack from the bug, and jumps away.

Third Page[]

Jumping away from an attack, the uninjured mouse jumps up in the air in front of the robot. Then he/she throws a Grenade into the robot, causing an internal explosion.



The first page of the comic was enjoyed by many fans. Most of them liked the artwork, and the comic itself. On the second comic, however, many fans didn't like it as much. When asked, the fans preferred a cartoon over a comic. On the third page many fans ended up not liking it, agreeing that a cartoon would be a better choice for Mech Mice.


  • After November 13th, 2011, no new pages, or news for the comic were heard about.
  • The comic was disliked by many fans who preferred an Animated Series after the second page was posted, which is currently being worked on.

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