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Lefty the Grenadier Unit
Gender Male
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Race Mice
Availability Yes
Whatta ya talking about? There’s PLENTY to eat here… if ya like the taste of CACTUS!

Lefty is a Store Grenadier Unit in Mech Mice Tactics. Stubborn, gruff, and always arguing, Lefty can be a pain. But no one can argue with the firepower he packs to the battlefield. Though dependable, he’s very superstitious – even though he’s right handed, he throws Grenades with his left because he considers it lucky.


  • Combat: Clunky in combat – but extremely effective damage
  • Base health: High
  • Movement Range: 2 (+3 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: High damage, short range grenade. Does low splash damage to all nearby targets (watch out for friendly fire!)
  • Special ability: Decoy – The Grenadier throws a specialized grenade that deploys a holographic decoy of himself. All enemy units caught in the area of effect are immediately provoked to attack the decoy, making this an excellent means of crowd control.
  • Cons: Grenades are very unwieldy – their short range and potential friendly fire make them difficult to control. Close range enemies in particular are hazardous to Grenades.



  • He was used as concept art.
  • He is considerably quite powerful, despite his size.
  • His Paint on his face resembles a foot.


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