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Lance Priebe

Lance Priebe's profile picture on social media.
Basic Info
Full Name Lance Priebe
Gender Male
Faction Hyper Hippo Productions
Physical Info
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Skin Color White
Other Info
Religion Christian
Birthday 1900's
Occupation CEO of RocketSnail Games, Partner of Hyper Hippo Productions
Nationality Canadian
I left Club Penguin and the Walt Disney Company to spend more time with my family, and work on new projects. I had worked on Penguin Chat and Club Penguin for 10 years. It was time for something new. After I finished training the team at Club Penguin (2007-2009) there was nothing else for me to do. It was time to start something new. I actually spent last summer helping a friend farm. Farming is awesome.
— Lance Priebe, March 2011.

Lance PriebeRocketsnail or Rsnail, is a Canadian from Kelowna, British Columbia is currently the owner of RocketSnail Games. He is the founder and chief commercial officer of Hyper Hippo Productions. He is well known throughout the online gaming world, and has many fans.


Lance Priebe's birthday is unknown, though he may be in his mid 30's. Lance is married and has three children. About thirteen years ago, Lance started to create online, virtual games/worlds. In 1999 he founded Rocketsnail Games, and created a large variety of games. In 2000 he started the Penguin Chat series, which was increasingly popular. In 2005, he co-created a game called Club Penguin. Club Penguin became extremely popular, and was eventually sold to the Walt Disney Company in 2007. After selling Club Penguin, Lance started to collaborate with Disney more often. He became a lead game designer, a lead action script programmer, and an inventor. Lance quit working with Disney a few years ago, and brought Rocketsnail Games back right before 2011. Lance is currently the CEO of Rocketsnail Games, and lead game designer of his company. He still well known on the internet, and currently has no plans for RocketSnail Games becoming a major company. 

Old Biography- Hyper Hippo Productions[]

A quintessential inventor, Lance is equal parts designer, artist and entrepreneur. Along with his partners, he co-founded and created Club Penguin, selling to The Walt Disney Company in 2007 for $350m and becoming the largest children's online game in the world.

He is a fourteen year veteran of the online game industry with a focus on finding solutions for new properties.

Recent Credits include:

  • Co-Founder and Creative Officer for Hyper Hippo
  • Founder and President of Rocketsnail Games
  • SVP of Production Walt Disney Company
  • Co-founder and creator of Club Penguin
  • Lead designer and programmer for Club Penguin
  • Designed Card Jitsu for Club Penguin (an online/offline card game published by Topps)
  • Worked closely with Disney Consumer Products to develop a series of toys that would integrate with Club Penguin
  • Inventor of various patents for the Walt Disney Company


Lance's personality is heavily unknown. It is, however, known that he is very imaginative, and a nice person. He continues inventing and creating. It's hard for him to stay on one project at a time, which is why he quit Club Penguin to pursue other dreams.



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