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This article contains content about something or someone who is no longer directly affiliated with or within Mech Mice.

Johnny Jansen

Johnny Jansen in real life
Basic Info
Full Name Johnny Jansen
Gender Male
Faction Unknown
Physical Info
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Other Info
Religion Christian
Birthday Unknown
Occupation Music Composer
3D Animator
Nationality Canadian

Johnny Jansen, or MechMoose was the Community Manager and Video Videographer for Hyper Hippo Productions. He created and published development videos to all of Mech Mice's social media.

Johnny's card on

He also managed all of the social networking accounts promoting Mech Mice Tactics and Mech Mice Academy.


  • He first began work at Disney Interactive Studios. In mid February of 2013, he left and joined Hyper Hippo Productions in Kelowna.
  • On April 3, 2014, Johnny Jansen stated on a tweet[1] that he is no longer a Hyper Hippo Productions employee, and will now work as a freelancer. Seeking professional success, Johnny moved to Vancouver.


  • His true identity was never known until he began employment with Hyper Hippo Productions. Before, he was known as "Businesmoose" or simply just "Moose".
  • He regularly posts updates on the Mech Mice Blog.
  • He is a Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Social Media guru, according to Lance Priebe.


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