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This article is about something in reality outside of the world of Mech Mice.

Hyper Hippo Productions is a MMORPG development company, the major producer of Mech Mice TacticsMech Mice Academy and Leviathans Online. The company was founded by Lance Priebe in August of 2012. In November 2012, Catalyst Game Labs announced the partnership with Hyper Hippo Productions to create Leviathans Online. Mech Mice was initially developed by Rocketsnail Games in 2010 but has since merged to Hyper Hippo Productions, which both share the same founder Lance Priebe and some of the employees there. They have 14 team members.[1][2] Rocketsnail Games is now Lance's personal company.

Their website can be viewed at

Hyper Hippo's official logo.

Team Members[]

Lance Priebe - Founder/CCO

Sam Fisher - CFO

Chris Hendricks - Prototyper

Cale Atkinson - Art Director

Cody Vigue - Level Designer/Writer

Paul Moore - Multiplayer Game Programmer

Daniel Eady - Level Builder

James Brotherston - Game Programmer

Jeremy Jones - Game Programmer

Michael Ratch - Operations Manager

Tristan Rattink - Production Manager

Ryan Loerke - User Experience Manager

Amy Pelletier – Administrative Manager

Brenda Balderson - Accounting

Departed Team Members[]

Johnny Jansen – Community Manager

Russ Horton – Producer and Game Programmer

Rong Zhou – Multiplayer Game Programmer

Kevin Yockey – Server Programmer 

Andrew Pearson-Roach – 3D Modeler

Ty Summach – Marketing Manager

Pascale Audette – Partner and Chief Executive Producer


  • There are 14 members.
  • There are 7 departed team members.
  • The company was founded by Lance Priebe.
  • Their headquarters are in Kelowna, BC.
  • After they updated the team members list, it was revealed that many of the original Hyper Hippo Productions team had been replaced with newer members.

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