Hexagons, or Hexes are the multiple platforms that make up the ground placement of which your unit can move to a certain number of different spaces, depending on your current Unit.

The three types of Hexagons.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are three main types of hexagons based on color, they are solid blue, broken blue, and red.

  • Solid Blue
    • Solid Blue Hexagons indicate to the player that if he/she moves to that space, they are able to take a second turn after that, either moving, attacking or activating something during either one of those turns.
  • Broken Dark Blue
    • Broken Dark Blue Hexagons exist specifically for the act of moving a large distance, a distance that uses up a Unit's entire turn.
  • Red
    • Red Hexagons only appear in a combative situation to the player. They always appear around breakables such as Cactus or Lava Boxes and around enemies. Their main purpose is to attack, and they only use a single move.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Cody Vigue answered a question in his interview of why they chose hexagons and he stated that it would give the player more choices than other shapes, such as squares.
  • Hexagons were not originally in Mech Mice Tactics during early development as seen in Chris Hendricks' video "Mech Mice Test - Running to the Orb" in July 2011.
  • Despite having no actual purpose in Mech Mice Academy, the ground placement is still made of Hexagons.
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