Heavy Blaster
Heavy blaster.png

3D designs of the Heavy Blaster
Type Weapon
Damage Very High
Used by Heavy Unit
ID DefaultWeapon3

The Heavy Blaster is a weapon used by Heavy Units. It is one of the most powerful weapons known. The Heavy Blaster is large in size and power. It has few handles, and has a hose attached to a backpack. It deals a great amount of damage to the enemy. The Heavy Blaster is powered by plasma, made out of berries.

Academy[edit | edit source]

The Heavy Blaster appears in Mech Mice Academy and is used by the Heavy Class. It can fire non-stop until the weapon overheats. It is heavy and decreases the speed of the carrier substantially. The longer you fire with the Heavy Blaster the more inaccurate it gets.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is also called the "Fox Bully Cannon".
  • It is large and very powerful.
  • It is a weapon for the Heavy Unit.
  • It fires 12 shots per second in Mech Mice Academy.

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