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Heavy Blaster
Heavy blaster.png

3D designs of the Heavy Blaster
Type Weapon
Damage Very High
Used by Heavy Unit
ID DefaultWeapon3

The Heavy Blaster is a weapon used by Heavy Units. It is one of the most powerful weapons known. The Heavy Blaster is large in size and power. It has few handles, and has a hose attached to a backpack. It deals a great amount of damage to the enemy. The Heavy Blaster is powered by plasma, made out of berries.


The Heavy Blaster appears in Mech Mice Academy and is used by the Heavy Class. It can fire non-stop until the weapon overheats. It is heavy and decreases the speed of the carrier substantially. The longer you fire with the Heavy Blaster the more inaccurate it gets.


  • It is also called the "Fox Bully Cannon".
  • It is large and very powerful.
  • It is a weapon for the Heavy Unit.
  • It fires 12 shots per second in Mech Mice Academy.


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