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The Grunt Unit.

The Grunt Unit is a low ranking Unit in Mech Mice Tactics and the backbone of a Squad. It has medium damage, but can shoot further than certain Units (like the Heavy Unit). There are two sub-grunt Units, the Bazooka Grunt Unit and the Shield Grunt Unit. There are three known Grunt Units; Scratch, Blaze and Beta.


  • Combat: An average combat unit that lacks the essential combat power to take down large bugs.
    The Grunt class icon.
  • Base health: Medium; he is best used as a supporting unit while allowing higher health units to take in damage.
  • Movement Range: 2 (+3 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: Medium damaging Standard Blaster
  • Special ability: Dash N' Smash- the Grunt uses his blaster to do a close up hit on an enemy bug, dealing medium damage on medium-sized bugs.
  • Cons:  the Grunt is best used to support other units during enemy encounters, lacking the proficient health for single encounters.


  • This Unit uses the Standard Blaster for combat.
  • Their damage output is higher than a Recon Unit.


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