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Grub Yums
Grub Yums.png
The Grub Yums advertising poster.
Vital statistics
Type Food
Effects N/A
Source N/A
Cost to buy N/A
Cost to sell N/A
If it ain't squirmin' then it ain't Grub Yums.
— Grub Yum's slogan.

Grub Yums are a canned food found within Mech Mice Tactics, Mech Mice Academy and Box 'O Snails. At the end of Mech Mice Genesis Strike, there is an advertisement for Grub Yums. Grub Yums are often mentioned in the book.


  • A can of Grub Yums can be found within Box 'O Snails, which may hint that Mech Mice and Box 'O Snails could be in the same realm.
  • They are eaten by Mice.
  • Grub Yums are Demo's favorite food.
  • They're considered to be the main food source for mice, along with a 'sweet salamander salad' that Lefty once referred to in The Fall of Beta Squad.
  • The name Grub Yums was supposed to be ironic as the Grubs don't look very appetizing.
  • A can of Grub Yums can also be found in Mech Mice Academy along the rickety bridge in the Skirmish map by shooting at the Cactus as an Easter Egg .
  • In small wording at the bottom of the poster, you can see a disclaimer that says 'Health professionals warn against mass consumption of Grub Yums due to side effects including: blindness, loss of tail, extreme stomach pain, fur loss, insomnia... May contain traces of snail. Grub Yums is a product of Grub Industries Incorporated.'
  • In Algernon's Laboratory, a can of Grub Yums could be seen on Algernon's desk. It is more noticeable if you use Movie Mode.