Within the wide open fields of the Great Plains lies the mighty Greystone Burrow – the seat of power of the Mech Mice.

Unlocked-04-Greystone Burrow

The Great Plains are a lush rolling landscape of fields and meadows on Roden's eastern boarder.

Arguably the safest region in the world, it is home to the mighty Greystone Burrow – central headquarters for the Mech Mice. The Shard of Greystone is also the largest and most powerful of all the Shards – though it came with a price. When the Shard of Rustroot was stolen long ago, it was added to Greystone’s to unlock more of its power. This treachery marked the beginning of the First War, and the rise of the Dark Union.

Greystone is where it began. Where we changed. Where we grew stronger. And where, someday, we shall rise…
— Dr. Verminion
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