Gibb Barkin is a character from Mech Mice Genesis Strike and may not appear in the game.

Gibb Barkin is a mouse that has appeared in Mech Mice Genesis Strike along with Yaku. He and Yaku are seen checking in on the Liwan's sap harvest in the prologue. Gibb had only taken Yaku along with him because "he had the shoulders of a badger and could haul in twice as much sap as in a single load as any other buck."

Description Edit

Gibb is an average sized mouse, also a farmer. When he and Yaku were walking together, they were both captured by a strange animal or creature. Dozens of creatures with "devilish red eyes" followed the mice's tracks back to the village where they were walking earlier that morning. It is strongly hinted that Bugs were stalking them.

Gibb is also the father of Tal and Toli, two pups of the Liwan tribe.

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