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Genesis Squad
Mech Mice(12).jpg
The full squad.
Vital statistics
Title Squad
Gender N/A
Race Mice
Faction Mech Mice Colony
Health N/A
Status N/A
Location N/A

Genesis Squad is a squad in Mech Mice Genesis Strike. It used to be called Squad R59 until Demo named it at the end of the book; Genesis Squad. It has five members; Magenta, Ziro, Nightshade, Demo, and Streak. The five members are the main protagonists in Mech Mice Genesis Strike.


Genesis Squad has five members. They are Magenta, the Lieutenant; Ziro, the Commander; Nightshade, the Recon; Demo, the Heavy Unit; and Streak, the Grunt Unit. Lefty used to be in the squad as a Lieutenant, until he was transferred to the Talon Guard to get a promotion and was later replaced by Magenta.


  • There are 5 members.
  • The members of the squad debut and are the protagonists in Mech Mice Genesis Strike.
  • The Genesis Squad used to be called R59, until Demo came up with the name of calling it the Genesis Squad.  
  • Another name proposed would be "The Fangsters", that resembles gangsters.
  • It is unknown if the Genesis Squad will appear in the game.
  • Lefty (not to be confused with the Grenadier Unit) got a promotion and got transferred to the Talon Guard.
  • In chapter 8 of Mech Mice Genesis Strike, the Genesis Squad chanted while on the way to the Forest of Ruma.
  • In one of the videos of testing Mech Mice Tactics, the player seemed to have used two of the Genesis Squad as a demontration.