Gears are the current in-game currency in Mech Mice Tactics. Each Treasure Token is worth 20 Gears and 10 Gears for each standing Unit. Gears used to have a purpose in Mech Mice Tactics where every 100 Gears earned was the equivalent of one level in Mech Mice Academy and would be transferred to your account, which was later removed. Gears are often confused with the in-game hints by the same name, Gears. It is unknown if Gears will have a purpose in the future.

Earning GearsEdit

Gears may be earned by destroying Bugs. Below is a list of how many Gears each bug gives:

Unit Gears
Small Bug 1 Gearsmann
Spy Bug 1 Gearsmann
Sniper Bug 1 Gearsmann
Destroyer Bug 1 Gearsmann
Medium Bug 2 Gearsmann
Medium Melee Bug 2 Gearsmann
Scorpion 5 Gearsmann
Frenzy 25 Gearsmann
Queen Termina 25 Gearsmann
FrankenBug 25 Gearsmann
S.A.W. 25 Gearsmann
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