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A Gear
Health N/A
Space 1 Hexagon

Gears are small game hints and help in the first chapter of the first mission, The Beginning. They only appear in The Beginning. Gears are often confused with the in-game currency Gears (Currency).


There is a total of five Gears scattered through the map. Activating them give you the following hints explained by Blaze and Flank:

  • Initial area:
    • Alright, here are the basics: if something has a red circle under it, I can shoot it. If it's got a green circle, I can activate it.
    • If a spot is blue, I can move there. Bright, solid lines means I can get there in one action. Darker, broken lines take two actions.
    • Remember - I've got good long range, so try to keep me far away from enemies (and cactus).
  • First radar area:
    •  If you need to get a better look at something, try turning and tilting the camera. Just click and hold anywhere on the screen, then move around to rotate your view.
  • Second token area:
    • There are always 3 secret tokens hidden in every level. Each one is worth a bunch of Gears if you find'em.
  • Second radar area:
    • Flank has different strengths and special abilities than me. He's slower, but he can take more damage. I suggest putting him in danger all the time, instead of me.
    • HAHA! Flank has a big strong gun, and a powerful special ability called Doom Spin. Use it when I am surrounded by bad guys to make them unhappy.
    • I've also got a sweet special ability called Dash-And-Smash. It lets me run up to enemies and smash them with my gun. It may stun them, or cause an explosion.
    • To use our special abilities, just press the buttons next to our pictures down below. You'll need a target in range though, so keep that in mind.
  • Small Healing Flower area:
    • Flowers come in two sizes, Big and Small. Small Flowers can only heal once, but Big Flowers can heal many many times. Very useful - and tasty!