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Fighting Frenzy
Title 1-4.png
Basic Info
Level 4
Chapter 1
Release September 18, 2013
Location Tumbleweed
  • Discover the identity of the enemy leader
  • Liberate Tumbleweed village
  • Survive

Fighting Frenzy is the fourth level of Chapter One of Season One. It is the first boss battle in Mech Mice Tactics. It was released on September 18, 2013, and received a positive reaction from players. Most of the boss battle was designed by Cody Vigue. It is the first boss battle in Mech Mice. In this level, Flank and Blaze battle Frenzy, a powered version of a normal Bug


A leader of the enemy forces has revealed herself in Tumbleweed. She is threatening to steal the Shard, and a full-scale invasion is feared. 

Your squad must defeat her personal guard, and do everything you can to prevent the loss of the Burntleaf Shard.

Treasure Tokens[]

  • After defeating Frenzy, there is a token beside the Shard's burrow.
  • At the very right side of the village, there is a token.
  • At the left side of the village, use the Healing Flower, stand atop where it was and shoot the crate behind it. Continue down the path and you should find the token.