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An Engineer is a Unit that can heal Mechs in Mech Mice Tactics. They are known to be clever, even more than Recon Units. The two known Engineer Units is Torq and Gamma and are both playable in Mech Mice Tactics. They are the second playable class in Mech Mice Academy, wielding a high-damaging Wrench. Their special ability is Repair- they can heal any Mech an unlimited amount of times.


  • Combat: An utility unit – combat abilities are limited
    The Engineer class icon.
  • Base health: Low; strategic placement is critical to make sure she can avoids any enemy encounters
  • Movement Range: 2 (+3 for sustained)
  • Primary attack: Low damaging wrench
  • Special ability: Repair- she can heal any Mech an unlimited amount of times.
  • Cons:  the Engineer is much too fragile in combat to solo through almost all missions, but they serve an incredibly valuable role during intense combat situations (essentially a mobile large healing flower for Mechs).


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