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The victorious end screen.

The defeat screen.

The end screen from "The Fall of Beta Squad"; A Mech Mice trailer plays in the center.

The End Screen is a message that appears when completing a mission, and includes statistics about the accomplished (or defeated) mission. It also has two buttons: one for starting the next level, and a second one for going back to the level selection. Another version of the end screen is seen in the demo level The Fall of Beta Squad. It includes the same statistics as the original version, also including the best scores of the player. It has two buttons: one for replaying the level, and one for returning to the chapter selection. If the player is not logged in, the second button is used for creating an account.


The End Screen includes the following information:

  • How many Gears earned
  • How many Treasure Tokens have been collected
  • Number of turns taken
  • Number of enemies defeated
  • Remaining health of Units


  • Originally, the turns taken and enemies defeated gave you Gears, but the feature has recently been taken away.

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